Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NANDIGRAM - JALIANWALA BAG - Is India Independent?

Is India Independent? Are Indians Independent? Does Independence means throwing out the Britishers and live a miserably insecured life?
The British were horrible. But the Indian administration is crooked. The country is being ruled by bloody scoundrels. How can a man be violent against another man?
If you try to snatch someone's belonging forcefully, he has all the rights not only to resist but to oppose, to fight and to kill you.
What is wrong with what Farmers in Nandigram (WB) are doing?

The world criticized the British firing in Jalianwala Bag. But in an Independent India, is there anyone who criticized the firing in Nandigram? I take it as a repetation. The only difference is that earlier our blood was being sucked by aliens and now it is being sucked by our own people.

Vineet Ruia

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


In India, you cannot do anything with peace. There are so many kinds of taxes

Income Tax
Professional Tax
State Sales Tax (VAT)
Central Sales Tax
Customs Duty
Excise Duty
Service Tax
Health Tax
Wealth Tax
Garbage Tax
Trade License
Police License
Municipal Tax
Minimum Wages
Special Additional Surcharge
Educational Cess
Secondary Educational Cess
Higher Secondary Education Cess
Earth Quake Cess
Tsunami Cess

And a lot more formalities like

IEC Code No.
Digital Signature
And a lot more

How can a person run a business here? Why doesnt the govt. collect one single tax and say go ahead and do good business. Concentrate and Develop your business and bring prosperity to the country.
The only reason is that the Govt wants to keep on putting their own people in different departments for the sake of getting votes. They claim that they are generating employment. Is this the way to generate employment?
Indian Govt never looks forward to new avenues.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Foreign Divorce validity in India - Is the MOIA making mockery of law

Satya Kumar has brought to the notice, the following :

Guys, You would not believe your eyes and ears when you read page 5 of 18th:
1) No marriage between an NRI and an Indian Woman, which has taken place in India, may be annulled by a foreign court
2) Provision may be made for adequate alimony to the wife in the property of the husband both in India and aborad
3) The decree granted by Indian courts may be made executable in foreign courts both on the principle of comity and by entering into reciprocal agreements like section 4A of the civil procedure code which makes a foreign decree executable as it would have been a decree passed by the on :

My reply to this would be :

1) Absolutely right that no marriage between NRI and an Indian Woman, which has taken
place in India be anuulled by a foreign court. BUT, it should have conditions as follws :
(A) The word Indian Woman should be substituted with the word Spouse
(B) The husband and wife should not have lived together for more than 3 years.
(C) No spouse should not have mishandled/abused/tortured the other.
(D) If the cops/courts of that country where they are living together for more than a year
continuously, has found one of them guilty, should punsih the culprit and immediate
divorce without any payment to either be allowed.
2) Payment should only be the duty of the spouse who is guilty. The guilty will part away with half of his/her property to the other. Guilt should be defined properly here. Duty towards parents and children should also be considered strongly. Here, the wife should have duty towards the father-in-law and the mother-in-law because it is the wife who goes to the matrimonial house. in case the wife wants to take care of her parents, she should have gone into contract marriage where the husband should have gone to live with the wife and not vice versa.
3) If the agreement is reciprocal, how can the women's commission make such a claim. The foreigne decree has to be accepted in India as well.


Monday, March 5, 2007

Divide and Rule through Reservation? - policy of UPA or CPI(M) ?

Today, there is a new story on Prakash karat. He will be asking for reservation for OBC Muslims, Dalit Muslims etc. etc.

These bloody politicians are dividing people by caste and creed. Why? Just for votes. If he is seeking reservation, why at a higher level? Why not to bring up the person from the root? His Childhood?

Why dont the Indian Govt. provide free education from primary level to secondary level and bring up any damn person on merits? If a person does not know how to write his name till the time he reaches college, how can we expect him to become a doctor with a reserved seat in the University?
Will he treat the patients or retreat?


Bahu of Congress (I)

All the 3,000 families of Save Indian Family atleast know the way the congress has been sipping the blood of the country. The message will be revolving fast because when i say families, it does not include only men. It has the mother, sister and daughter as well.

Congress knows woman as only "Bahu". Because the congress itself is dependent on one "Bahu"

It is a matter of shame that the congress could not find a president of Indian origin out of 100 crore Indians. Including my self, we Indians are eunuchs who do not have the capacity to run the country.