Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bharat Bachao: AMRI arrests

Bharat Bachao: AMRI arrests

AMRI arrests

Kolkata Police as usual has been slow in doing things.

Yesterday, they arrested the Chairman of the AMRI Board Dr Mani Chhetri and another Director Dr Pronab Dasgupta. Though it is really a sad day as pride of Bengal is under arrest now. Dr Mani Chhetri, one of the best doctors of Kolkata is arrested for something he was not responsible for. I cannot say that he was totally not responsible but indirectly he was. Still, if the police at all wanted to arrest him and Dr Dasgupta, they should have done it on the first day. I am saddened today to write that great people have to suffer to the hands of foolish even for smallest negligence of their own and everyone should learn a lesson out of it. Did these doctors ever think that this type of incidence could ever occur and after devoting so many years of genuine service to the state and the patients, they would be arrested for something they actually did not do at the age of 91?

If something happens to this great personality, like West Bengal lost Dr. Sital Ghosh, we would still lose another great man in the history of medical science.

Shocking is that the Kolkata Police still needs to think on four outgoing and sitting directors (government representatives) of AMRI. Does the Kolkata Police think that the arrest is not necessary? Then why are the others arrested?

Or does the Kolkata Police think that these directors are not at fault? I would say rather these government representatives should have had more knowledge of the government rules, regulations and policies than any other director or employee of AMRI. Else, these persons should have had no right to be government representatives at AMRI.

Or is the West Bengal government protecting these persons??

When law is equal for all, these persons should not be spares either. Nor the Fire Department employees who issued the conditional NOC for three consecutive years be spared. Nor should the CMC employees who issued/renewed the Trade Licence of the hospital be spared. Nor should the Health Department employees who issued/renewed the Health License be spared.

The Government of West Bengal and Kolkata Police should act immediately to bring all negligent people to books.

We do hope that in future, after every train accident, the Railway Minister is arrested and after every negligent death in hospital, the Health Minister is arrested.

Monday, January 23, 2012

116th Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose celebrated in Kolkata

Today, 23rd January 2012, 116th Birthday of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, a son of India on whom every Indian is proud, was celebrated beside the Governor's House and Akashvani Bhawan Kolkata at the Netaji Statue.

It was a great occasion and wonderful celebration.

A team of India Against Corruption, Kolkata Chapter enthusiastically went to the event to be a part of the celebrations at 10:30 am. The police informed that the birth time of Netaji was 12:15 pm and first the Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee will garland the great freedom fighter and then Team IAC will be given a chance. Ms Mamata Banerjee arrived at the spot at 11:45 am. A smiling CM met the people around along with Sri Mukul Roy, Sri Amit Mitra, Sri Samar Ghosh, Police Commissioner Sri R.K.Pachnanda and other dignitaries.

At 12:07 pm, about 40-50 people of the left parties led by Sri Ashok Ghosh and Sri Biman Bose started moving towards the venue. The police was trying their level best to stop them and say that the CM would garland first but the left party people kept moving forcibly and the CM smiled to let them go first. There were some altercations between the ruling party and the opposition at the feets of Netaji.... This was a little dramatic, little ridiculous, little shameful but after all, these are habits and qualifications of the politicians of India. Though the decision of the CM was appreciated by people around.

The announcements came on asking for other organisations and persons who wanted to pay their respects to Netaji to come forward. Team IAC moved forward with about 35-40 members and garlanded the statue of Netaji. And then, the CM followed by the Police Commissioner garlanded Netaji.

Then, there was a parade by the Police, RAF, school childred, Mounted Police etc. It was all very nice and in respect to the great hero of India.

The program ended with the tune of National Anthem played by the Kolkata Police band.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

HOOCH and Prize of Rs. 2 Lakhs

This might sound funny.

But yes it is a fact. If you drink and die, the West Bengal Government awards you Rs. 2 Lakhs.
For educated people it would sound shameful, confusing, derogatory, and arbitrary. But for Mamta Banerjee's ministry, it is a matter of pride that the people who died after consuming country liquor, have been awarded with Rs.2 lakh each.
So, in other words, the families who do not have earnings of more than 1500 rupees per month, can afford to get one person dying by consuming such liquor and the rest of the family can have atleast Rs.2000 per month by way of interest with the Rs.2 lakh still being intact.

Betting is being made on the people actually receiving the award as the Govt did announce it but the amount will never reach their families. Rather the middlemen will consume major chunk of it and the families would hardly get 5000 to 10000.

On the other hand, a person from Titagarh in West bengal has complained to all Government and Police authorities to stop country liquor illegal manufacturing and sales in and around Titagarh. The police is threating him, the goons in the area are threating him, the political people are threating him and the Chief Minister say : This is going on for last 35 years and i cannot do anything so fast. Is this expected of a Chief minister?

And what about the threats this gentleman is getting?

The CPIM is supposed to have kick backs. Now the Trinamool Congress is learnt to have kick backs. The Police has kick backs. The goons have kick backs. Everyone is making money and the residents are suffering. No one cares.

It does not look like these dens will ever be stopped from operating illegal business.

But the major question remains : Is it not shameful for a Government to annouce Rs.2 lakh as compensation for consuming liquor?

Dollar vs Rupee and Swiss Bank/FDI Links

The US Dollar was hovering around Rs.44-45 two months back. Why did it suddenly rise almost 20% to Rs.54?

Does it have a direct connection with Sonia Gandhi's treatment of an unknown disease in the United States?

Could that disease be Corruption and the Swiss Bank Account money being transferred to India through some method?

Rumours say :

Sonia Gandhi was not suffering from any disease. She had gone to US to meet major players in the Retail sector and have an understanding to allow them Foreign Direct Investment in the Multi Retail Sector in India. Some big industrialists in India are known to be having tie up with most of these major players in the US.

On one side, due to strong resistance by the opposition and allied parties of the UPA Government, the FDI could not go through and it was shown that foreign investments are going out of India due to which the RBI is losing foreign currency and the dollar is rising. In the hiding, some huge amount of foreign money owned by someone was coming in and being converted into Indian Rupee. Someone is expected to gain a huge amount out of such transfer and conversion.

Is this correct? Why is the Indian Government hesitating in disclosing all the names of the Swiss bank Account holders? Why is the Government cheating the citizens of India? Or they want to disclose a few account after the major money is already converted?

The people should wake up and ask the Government to disclose all accounts, the names of account holder, the date from which they are held, the transactions in those account so far and the current balances.

Fire Safety measures in the Hospitals of West Bengal

There was a massive fire at one of the hospitals in Kolkata. AMRI
Six directors on the board of the hospital surrendered them to the police the same afternoon and were arrested.
It was a tragic incidence where 91 people died and it was an irrepairable loss to the family members of the persons who died in the incident.

It was a matter of fact that there was negligency towards fire safety at the hospital and it was obligatory on part of the directors of the hospital to surrender themselves to the law of Land.

But surprisingly, three directors of the board did not surrender for the negligence nor did the police or the government tried to arrest them. WHY?

Because one of them was a renowned doctor and the other two were govt nominated directors. Was it not their duty to keep a track on the activities of the hospital? Or they are supreme being government employees? Shameful. Law should be equal for everyone. May it be a common man or even the Chief Minister of the State or the Prime Minister of the country.

A person did in the SSKM hospital owned by the Govt. of West Bengal. Reason : A mouse had eaten away the private part of the man. Should the Health Minister not be arrested? Should the Medical Superintendent and other authorities not be arrested? Shame on the West Bengal Government.

Coming back to the fire incidence. How many private or government hospitals in West Bengal have proper infrastructure to fight fire at the first instance? Do all the private and Govt hospitals in West Bengal have sprinklers, smoke detectors and alarm systems as specified by the Law?

Would the West Bengal Govt like to answer this question or they would still pretend to be ignorant?

If the Government of West Bengal has an answer, let them come in open and put it to the knowledge of the people through print and digital media.