Sunday, January 15, 2012

HOOCH and Prize of Rs. 2 Lakhs

This might sound funny.

But yes it is a fact. If you drink and die, the West Bengal Government awards you Rs. 2 Lakhs.
For educated people it would sound shameful, confusing, derogatory, and arbitrary. But for Mamta Banerjee's ministry, it is a matter of pride that the people who died after consuming country liquor, have been awarded with Rs.2 lakh each.
So, in other words, the families who do not have earnings of more than 1500 rupees per month, can afford to get one person dying by consuming such liquor and the rest of the family can have atleast Rs.2000 per month by way of interest with the Rs.2 lakh still being intact.

Betting is being made on the people actually receiving the award as the Govt did announce it but the amount will never reach their families. Rather the middlemen will consume major chunk of it and the families would hardly get 5000 to 10000.

On the other hand, a person from Titagarh in West bengal has complained to all Government and Police authorities to stop country liquor illegal manufacturing and sales in and around Titagarh. The police is threating him, the goons in the area are threating him, the political people are threating him and the Chief Minister say : This is going on for last 35 years and i cannot do anything so fast. Is this expected of a Chief minister?

And what about the threats this gentleman is getting?

The CPIM is supposed to have kick backs. Now the Trinamool Congress is learnt to have kick backs. The Police has kick backs. The goons have kick backs. Everyone is making money and the residents are suffering. No one cares.

It does not look like these dens will ever be stopped from operating illegal business.

But the major question remains : Is it not shameful for a Government to annouce Rs.2 lakh as compensation for consuming liquor?

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