Saturday, January 28, 2012

AMRI arrests

Kolkata Police as usual has been slow in doing things.

Yesterday, they arrested the Chairman of the AMRI Board Dr Mani Chhetri and another Director Dr Pronab Dasgupta. Though it is really a sad day as pride of Bengal is under arrest now. Dr Mani Chhetri, one of the best doctors of Kolkata is arrested for something he was not responsible for. I cannot say that he was totally not responsible but indirectly he was. Still, if the police at all wanted to arrest him and Dr Dasgupta, they should have done it on the first day. I am saddened today to write that great people have to suffer to the hands of foolish even for smallest negligence of their own and everyone should learn a lesson out of it. Did these doctors ever think that this type of incidence could ever occur and after devoting so many years of genuine service to the state and the patients, they would be arrested for something they actually did not do at the age of 91?

If something happens to this great personality, like West Bengal lost Dr. Sital Ghosh, we would still lose another great man in the history of medical science.

Shocking is that the Kolkata Police still needs to think on four outgoing and sitting directors (government representatives) of AMRI. Does the Kolkata Police think that the arrest is not necessary? Then why are the others arrested?

Or does the Kolkata Police think that these directors are not at fault? I would say rather these government representatives should have had more knowledge of the government rules, regulations and policies than any other director or employee of AMRI. Else, these persons should have had no right to be government representatives at AMRI.

Or is the West Bengal government protecting these persons??

When law is equal for all, these persons should not be spares either. Nor the Fire Department employees who issued the conditional NOC for three consecutive years be spared. Nor should the CMC employees who issued/renewed the Trade Licence of the hospital be spared. Nor should the Health Department employees who issued/renewed the Health License be spared.

The Government of West Bengal and Kolkata Police should act immediately to bring all negligent people to books.

We do hope that in future, after every train accident, the Railway Minister is arrested and after every negligent death in hospital, the Health Minister is arrested.

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Anonymous said...

The culture of private practice,greed for money,bad time keeping,rude manners to patients,money before medical ethics is a long standing problem in West Bengal. Dr. Chettri should be now after earning plenty of money for a lifetime should devote time in charity. Dr.Dasgupta more of a president for a club with no international standing,how much time and money he devotes for charity.
The days for so called 'Big doctors' shall be over in WB now.they must now fall to ground from heaven. At last police has done something praiseworthy. I think for so called renowned directors with big pay packets now claim they did not know anything, is insulting to the memory of those dead,one from another province was running around to find his brother,who was found dead after three days. The Calcutta doctors now give more attention to patients not to pay packets or law will take it's course.