Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Who is Maligning the Trinamool Government in West Bengal

Whatever even an "ANT" not an "AUNT" does in West Bengal today, is to malign the Trinamool (only Mamata) Government. Tomorrow, even if a dog will bark at night seeings the robbers run, that will be still to malign the government.

If a victim of rape complains to the police, the govt and police commissioner comment that it was to malign the government and no authenticity could be found in the complain. These comments come with investigation due. After the alleged rape is proved by the next level police officer, still the CM needs to poke her nose and say that investigations will reveal lot of things later. Indirectly she still claims that she was not ashamed of misguiding the people of the state.

In another incident of Rape at Katwa again, the CM is fast enough to say that the government is being maligned. The DGP West Bengal also nods to the CM as if even he does not have his own words or thoughts. Whereas the local police officials confirm that there has been a rape confirmed by the medical reports.

Why do these people at all speak when they are not aware of anything. Are they not maligning the dignity of the state by putting these controversial statements which are being later proved false? Dont they think they should keep shut atleast untill the investigation is completed?

When the swords do not work, the words do.

In connection with assault on the journalists of Star Ananda and Ananda Bazar Patrika by the Trinamool workers, again she had to speak? Unknowingly?
Again that the government is being maligned? By whom? The Media? Foolish !!!

At one time, Left Front government did all the "Dadagiri" (Hooliganism), now its the turn of the Trinamool Government. The only difference is that "they" always remained silent and did not blame anyone and "she" speaks without any reason to gain sympathy.